My Dru Yoga lessons with Lindsey Magill are an absolute life saver for me. This is not an exaggeration.

I usually arrive at class stressed and frazzled from the working week thus far, as well as from the commute to get the studio on time.

However, the moment I step into the building I begin to relax immediately as I know what is to come. Dru Yoga as taught by Lindsey is a very flowing and relaxing practice with an emphasis on safety and modifications in case there are those present who have particular conditions. I find the class fun, often challenging as well as relaxing towards the end. It is an inclusive class that pretty much everyone can do.

I always leave feeling great and ready to face the rest of the week. Quite frankly, I wouldn’t want anyone to miss out!



Dru Yoga has been such a help in stressful and challenging situations previously and it is a great way to practice Yoga in a gentle way that is suitable for all sorts of stages in life (including after pregnancy).



I love having Dru Yoga available locally. It has enabled me to get back into yoga after an injury and I find it both accessible and a good challenge physically. And very relaxing.

Lindsey is a great teacher and I have always enjoyed her classes.



There’s no other class like it around. Dru Yoga is a very special type of yoga that really helps the mind. And Lindsey’s are very calming, happy, mindful classes which I really miss when I am not able to attend. There’s simple nothing similar on offer.



I found Dru yoga when I was recovering from a running injury and while I dip in and out of other yoga styles it’s the only one I have consistently practised. I love that it’s accessible for all – a truly inclusive form of yoga that should be more widely available.